Floor scrubbers generally use a system that involves spraying the floor with a combination of water and/ or cleaning chemicals. They then scrub the floor to break up dirt and then a squeegee-vacuum combination sucks up the fluid leaving the floor completely clean and dry.

A well maintained and properly setup Scrubber can save $k's per year for the user.

We supply scrubbers that are suitable for everything from a small shop or factory right up to the largest manufacturing or storage facility. Our scrubbers are used in Airports, Shopping Centres and Supermarkets all over Australia.

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AS510B 510 mm Scrubber

An easy to use, medium sized walk behind scrubber/dryer. Ideally suited to scrubbing & drying mid sized and heavy traffic areas.


Cleaning capacity 2100 m²/h
Drive motor 24V 650 W electric
Recovery tank capacity 40 L
Scrubbing width 510 mm
Solution tank capacity 40 L
Vacuum motor 350 W electric
Weight 145 kg
FANG26T 660 mm Scrubber

With this large walk-behind scrubber dryer you can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments. Variable pad pressure makes it possible to adjust to your cleaning needs. For more dirty areas just add more pad pressure.


Cleaning capacity 2600 m²/h
Drive motor 24V 560 W electric
Recovery tank capacity 75 L
Scrubbing width 660 mm
Solution tank capacity 66 L
Vacuum motor 560 W electric
Weight 130 kg
FANG26T 800 mm Scrubber

High productivity through big cleaning path and big tank capacity makes it suitable for cleaning in large and dirty environment. With this large-sized walk-behind scrubber dryer you can easily clean floors in tough and dirty environments.


Cleaning capacity 3211 m²/h
Drive motor 2x 36V 740 W electric
Recovery tank capacity 106 L
Scrubbing width 800 mm
Solution tank capacity 115 L
Vacuum motor 650 W electric
Weight 238 kg
AS710R 710mm Ride-on Scrubber

The AS710R is medium-sized ride-on scrubber dryer and the perfect solution for scrubbing and drying in heavy-trafic areas.


Cleaning capacity 4413 m²/h
Drive motor 2x 24V 300 W electric
Recovery tank capacity 120 L
Scrubbing width 710 mm
Solution tank capacity 120 L
Travel speed 0 - 6 km/h
Vacuum motor 500 W electric
Weight 225 kg
HS350 432 mm Scrubber

Simple to use and efficient high speed single disc machine. HS350 is the perfect solution for hard floor scrubbing and for heavy-duty cleaning.


Cable length
10 m
Cleaning width 432 mm
Drive motor 240 V 1800 W electric
Speed 350 RPM
Weight 39.5 kg
LS160 432 mm Scrubber

VIPER LS 160HD is a low speed single disc machine designed for medium-duty and heavy-duty applications. Operation is simple and controls are easy to use.


Cable length
10 m
Cleaning width 432 mm
Drive motor 240 V 1300 W electric
Speed 160 RPM
Tank capacity 10 L
Weight 35.2 kg
GU700A Upright Vacuum

The optimal upright solution for daily vacuum cleaning of large carpet areas, the powerful GU700A features an impressive 640 mm vacuum width as well as 8 brush height settings for effective cleaning of all carpet types. 3 motor vacuum at a hefty 2250 W drives the high vacuum performance, allowing this unit to clean up to 700 m² per hour and making it suitable for use in large venues. An on-board vacuum extension gives easy access to hard-to-reach areas.


Airflow 3120 L/min
Dimensions 1040x750x970 mm
Dust bag capacity 35 L
Power 2250 W electric
Weight 51 kg