I115SDE/GE/PE Sweeper/Scrubber

Category: Other
Manufacturer: Fiorentini show products
Created by: Leigh

The high quality I115SS series is designed for rapid work in large areas, combining sweeping and scrubbing modules into a single unit that allows for single pass sweep/scrub/dry or multiple pass cleaning in a single unit. The massive scrubbing width of 1150 mm and cleaning capacity of up to 8,050 m²/h give the performance needed to get the big jobs done fast. This version is powered by a 20.5 kW diesel motor, and includes nylon brushes.


  • Powerful 20.5 kW motor with travel speeds of 0 - 7 km/h
  • Scrubbing width 1150 mm
  • Sweeping width of 1450 mm
  • Huge 220 L solution tank, 210 L recovery tank, and 210 L waste hopper mean less stopping and more time scrubbing
  • High brush pressure of 180 kg for more efficient cleaning


Brush pressure 180 kg
Cleaning capacity Up to 8,050 m²/h
Dimensions 2100x1230x1850 mm
Drive motor 20.5 kW motor (available in LPG, Diesel, or Petrol) capable of 0 - 7 km/h
Scrubbing width 1150 mm
Sweeping width 1450 mm


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