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Highly maneuverable, compact ride-on electric scrubber featuring 4 hour running time and 750 mm scrubbing path. Includes 2x 385 mm nylon brushes. Available with either handle bars or steering wheel for optimal comfort.


Brush Motor 700 W - 24 V electric
Dimensions 1170x640x1260 mm
Drive motor 600 W - 24 V electric front wheel drive motor capable of 0 - 6 km/h
Recovery tank capacity 110 L
Running time Up to 4 hours
Scrubbing width 750 mm
Solution tank capacity 120 L
Vacuum motor 850 W - 24 V electric

The Fiorentini ECOsmile series is the first scrubber designed and manufactured that combines the compact size of a walk-behind scrubber with the convenience of a ride-on scrubber. Featuring a cleaning track width of 835 mm, this 48V electric scrubber can operate for up to 5 hours on a single charge. Includes 2x 430 mm nylon brushes.


Brush motor 2x 450 W electric
Dimensions 1350x650x1360 mm
Drive motor 500 W electric front wheel drive motor capable of 0 - 6 km/h
Recovery tank capacity 170 L
Runing time Up to 5 hours (4.5 hours on difficult-to-clean surfaces)
Scrubbing width 835 mm
Solution tank capacity 150 L
Vacuum motor Three speed 300 / 500 / 750 W electric

These dry vacuums are imported direct from Italy, and are of the quality you would associate with European manufacturing. High powered suction at a low noise level and a 10 L dust bag make the Euro 390 suitable for use in most environments.


Air flow 45 L/sec
Dimensions 315x315x385 mm
Dust bag capacity 15 L
Noise Level 55 dBa
Power 1400 W electric
Weight 7 kg