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Barrel or back-pack, wet or dry - we have a vacuum to fit your needs.

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These dry vacuums are imported direct from Italy, and are of the quality you would associate with European manufacturing. High powered suction at a low noise level and a 10 L dust bag make the Euro 390 suitable for use in most environments.


Air flow 45 L/sec
Dimensions 315x315x385 mm
Dust bag capacity 15 L
Noise Level 55 dBa
Power 1400 W electric
Weight 7 kg

Walk-behind outdoor vacuum that clears leaves and debris with all the power, performance and capacity to get the job done. Superior airflow provides plenty of suction to fill an industry leading 280 L capacity bag.


Bag Top filling, 26" diameter, single lever release, 280 L capacity
Dimensions 1574x736x1016 mm
Drive Wheels 300 mm pneumatic
Front Wheels 250 mm pneumatic
Fuel Capacity 0.95 L
Impeller 425 mm diameter with 5 blades, 20 mm thick
Motor Briggs & Stratton® Vanguard™ 6.5 HP
Nozzle 740 mm, height adjustable, floating 
Weight 83.5 kg

Backpack vacuum ideal for cleaning commercial properties, theatres, stairs, and in tight spaces. Comes with a 15 m cable, crevice & combination nozzles, and round brush.


Airflow 2700 L/min
Dimensions 400x350x300 mm
Dust bag capacity 5 L
Power 1100 W electric
Weight 4.9 kg

Lightweight backpack vacuum featuring ergonomically designed harness for even weight distribution. Comes with a 15 m cable, combination nozzle, and optional HEPA filter is available.


Airflow 2460 L/min
Dimensions 570x380x260 mm
Dust bag capacity 4 L
Power 1300 W electric
Weight 4.2 kg

Compact & quiet vacuum suitable for daytime cleaning, featuring a large 10 L container with 8 L bag and crevice, combination & brush nozzle kits as well as an optional HEPA filter.


Airflow 1920 L/min
Dimensions 395x340x390 mm
Dust bag capacity 8 L
Power 1200 W electric
Weight 5.2 kg

Reddot award winning design features in this quiet, energy efficient vacuum cleaner available with included HEPA filter and either rewindable or detachable 10m power cable.


Airflow 1800 L/min
Dimensions 480x300x270 mm
Dust bag capacity 8 L
Power 350/800 W electric
Weight 8 kg

Compact size and heavy duty construction meet in this dual speed vacuum featuring a multi-layer filter designed to capture even microscopically small particles. HEPA filter included as standard, along with crevice and combination nozzles and a generous 15 L dust bag.


Airflow 1440/2100 L/min
Dimensions 450x390x330 mm
Dust bag capacity 15 L
Power 1000 W electric
Weight 7.5 kg

This powerful upright vacuum features self-adjusting brush height which ensures effective cleaning performance on different floor surfaces, includes a HEPA filter as standard, and is available in either 300 or 380 mm vacuum width.


Airflow 2640 L/min
Dimensions 330x318x1180 mm
Dust bag capacity 3 L
Power 1000 W electric
Weight 8 kg

The optimal upright solution for daily vacuum cleaning of large carpet areas, the powerful GU700A features an impressive 640 mm vacuum width as well as 8 brush height settings for effective cleaning of all carpet types. 3 motor vacuum at a hefty 2250 W drives the high vacuum performance, allowing this unit to clean up to 700 m² per hour and making it suitable for use in large venues. An on-board vacuum extension gives easy access to hard-to-reach areas.


Airflow 3120 L/min
Dimensions 1040x750x970 mm
Dust bag capacity 35 L
Power 2250 W electric
Weight 51 kg